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sub°sun°  is a music and sound design initiative creating audio for advertising, TV, film and interactive media.
services : original music • sound design • sound mix • audio editing • music library • music production


eran westwood
creative director | composer | sub-sun founder | music supervisor

Eran Westwood brings 16 years of music experience to bear as creative director and composer.

Grew up in New York City. Attended LaGuardia School For The Arts, of  “ fame, I want to live forever “ fame.  Originally a fine arts major. Eran got a double education of both art and music.

He’s spent time as writer, producer, engineer, mixer, and performer on major label albums as a member of the seminal electronic band Front 242.

Along the way, while focusing on a select record production projects, he went freelance to pursue his new love of music for picture. Fast forward a few years and eran founded sub-sun. A self-contained music composition and sound design initiative.

His experience producing bands and meticulous approach, gives eran a unique edge to each project. Musically and creatively fearless, his heart is always been the mixing of technology and melody, dedicated to the satisfaction of the minds ear, and where ever it wants to go.